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Global Hidden Clues

A Quest to Decipher the Global Secrets Via Scrutinizing the Financial Markets

Global Insights

Our organization is dedicated to providing comprehensive global research, offering insights into a myriad of fields and industries. We strive to deliver accurate, timely, and relevant data to help businesses, governments, and individuals make informed decisions. Our team of experienced researchers utilizes advanced methodologies and tools to gather and analyze data from reliable sources worldwide. We believe in the power of information and aim to make it accessible and understandable for all. Join us in our quest for knowledge and discovery.

Top Geopolitical Magazines' Analysis

We provide top-notch services in the global research industry, ensuring our clients receive the most accurate and comprehensive data. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality research and insights.

Market Analysis

Our Market Analysis service provides in-depth insights into market trends, helping businesses make informed decisions. We offer comprehensive data analysis, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Data Collection

Our Data Collection service ensures the gathering of high-quality, relevant data for your research needs. We use advanced tools and methodologies to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Survey Design

Our Survey Design service offers customized surveys tailored to your research needs. We ensure the creation of effective, engaging surveys that yield valuable data.

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Got questions or need assistance? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our team of global research experts is ready to help you navigate through your research needs.

Ali Sharif Azadeh (CFTe/MSTA)

Ali Sharif Azadeh is a seasoned financial analyst and trader, specializing in global history analysis. As co-founder and manager of Cyclical Waves Group, Ali leverages over 9 years of experience and certifications from IFTA to excel in technical analysis, semi-mechanical trading systems, inter-market analysis, sentiment analysis (COT-based), and fundamental analysis (central bank statements). Currently pursuing a professional master's degree in Global History, Ali combines historical insights with financial expertise to navigate complex market dynamics and make informed trading decisions.

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